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The Importance of Choosing an Independent Testing Firm

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Here at Purely Green Environmental, we are committed to helping our clients’ lead a healthier lifestyle by identifying airborne problems in their homes. Our scientific air quality testing process helps us accurately identify what’s in the air. From there we can recommend ways to cleanse the air. From mold to bacteria to chemical pollutants, we can help you take steps to a cleaner home and healthier you.

What is an independent testing firm?

An independent testing firm will test your home and make suggestions about how to remedy the situation without actually doing it for you. The benefit here is that you don’t have to worry about any conflict of interest or making any exaggerations.

Why should I choose an independent firm over a “jack of all trades” company?

Like we said above, our air quality testing process allows us to identify problematic contaminants in the air in your home scientifically. These include bacteria, mold and chemicals. Once we recognize these problems, we can help guide you to find a solution.

How Do I Know It’s Gone?

We’ll come back! After you complete the remediation, we’ll return and perform a secondary assessment to ensure dangerous molds are gone. This ensures there is no bias. We want the air quality in your home to be the best it can be, regardless of the method necessary to get there.

Choosing an independent testing firm to complete your air quality testing will make you feel confident that any mold in your home is gone or is at normal levels. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (603) 345-1900.

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Benefits of Air Purifiers

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No matter how often or thoroughly you clean the surfaces in your home, you can never be completely, 100% clean without using an air purifier. That’s not to say that cleaning the surfaces doesn’t help, it certainly does. But particles like dust, mold, and other contaminants remain in the air. Bringing an air purifier into your home allows you to feel truly clean.

How They Work

Air purifiers work by pushing air through different filters to remove dust and other hazardous particles from the air. Each filter is designed to remove particles of a certain size. Here at Purely Green, we offer the highest quality machines to ensure that the air being pushed out of the purifier is the cleanest it can be.

How They Help

When cleaning surfaces and vacuuming aren’t enough, air purifiers can remove particles like pollen and dust that sneak into your home. These particles can trigger allergic reactions and respiratory issues. If you regularly suffer from outdoor airborne allergies, purchasing an air purifier can help make your home a haven against these pollutants.

Additionally, they can help increase air circulation and flow in your home. Stale air can sometimes make rooms smell musty, and improper air flow prevents moisture from evaporating, which can cause mold problems. Air purifiers can help keep the air moving without having to open a window and let contaminants into your home.

How They Are Sized

The size of your machine depends on many factors. How big your room is, how many pollutants there are, and furniture placement can all impact how efficient your device is. The numbers advertised are based on an ideal lab environment, so it likely won’t work as well in your home. Factors like coming in and out of the room and where it is placed can also impact how well they perform.

Whether you’re looking for a small model for a bedroom or a system powerful enough to clean your home, the experts here at Purely Green Environmental can help you choose the machine for you. Call us at (603) 886-0345 to speak with a professional.

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Signs of Toxic Mold

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Mold is everywhere in the outdoor environment. There are over 100,000 identified species of mold out there, and not all of them are toxic. Some are even used in medicine! So how do you know which ones are dangerous and which are okay? Generally speaking, you don’t want any form of mold growing in your home. Here at Purely Green Environmental, we’re dedicated to providing quality toxic mold testing for your home.

Keep it Outside

As stated above, mold is bountiful in outdoor environments. The fungi are necessary for a balanced ecosystem but can wreak havoc once inside. They thrive on cellulose-based objects, like wooden furniture or a wet carpet. Not only can the spores take over your space, but they can also become a health hazard when airborne. Inhaling mold spores can cause respiratory issues like coughing and trouble breathing.

Moisture Problems

Mold is a result of excessive moisture in your home and can be present in any area where water isn’t given a chance to dry. Studies show that up to 50% of households have unknown moisture problems – each of which has the potential to explode into a mold epidemic. Performing routine air quality tests for toxic mold is important to keeping your home healthy.

Importance of Air Quality Testing

The good news is that early identification can drastically reduce the cost of remediation. Additionally, once the source of moisture is resolved, there is less of a chance for the mold to come back. This means that you only need to address the problem once if you do it right. The experts here at Purely Green will perform both an initial assessment and post-remediation assessment to ensure all the toxic mold is removed from your home. We can even provide quotes and recommendations for remediation specialists so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

Toxic mold removal is extremely time sensitive. Identifying mold growth in its early stages means that it’s concentrated in a smaller area, so there is a smaller remediation cost. Additionally, you can probably avoid drastic and costly measures if the problem is caught early. Call (603) 886-0345 to speak with a mold testing expert here at Purely Green.


Best Time for MA Mold Testing

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Mold can be present any time of the year – especially in New England. Our unpredictable weather means that there is no “perfect” time for mold to appear. But understanding the conditions that can allow mold to flourish in your home can help you be prepared 365 days a year. Additionally, performing regular MA mold testing will minimize the effect possible mold has on your health and home.

What Conditions Cause Mold?

Mold spores thrive in a dark, damp environment. Areas like basements, attics, and crawl spaces make the perfect environment for growth. With that in mind, wet seasons like spring and summer have the highest rates of problems. Mold season is considered to be from spring to late fall and peaks in July. In colder temperatures mold can go dormant, but it doesn’t “die” like other living organisms left out in the cold. It will quickly become active again once the weather warms up.

When Should I Test?

Although mold can cause problems in every season, your mold problem is likely to be at its worst in the summertime. This means you should schedule MA mold testing for your home during the warmer months. We can help you identify and remedy problems that have already occurred as well as prevent them from getting worse. Calling earlier in the season allows you time to “mold proof” your home before the humidity and high temperatures hit.

What Should I Do If I See Mold?

If you identify mold in your home, it’s best to contact a remediation specialist as soon as possible. Ignoring the problem and allowing it to flourish will only make it more difficult to eradicate. Additionally, you will be exposing yourself and your family to potential harm. Once the remediation is complete, the experts here at Purely Green will perform a post-remediation test to ensure the mold is eliminated.

No matter the season, it’s important to address mold issues sooner rather than later. Our staff is dedicated to educating our customers and providing them with the tools necessary to know exactly what’s going on in their home and to feel safe. For more information, call (603) 886-0345 to speak with one of our MA mold testing experts.


Dangers of Black Mold in Boston MA

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Here at Purely Green Environmental, we’re trained to identify the signs of black mold in Boston, MA, allowing you to remediate the problem and feel safe in your home. If you suspect your home may have a mold problem, call someone sooner rather than later. Delaying remediation can cause the damage to be exponentially worse.

What Does Mold Look Like?

Mold is abundant and grows easily outdoors, but finding mold indoors can be cause for concern. If you can visually see the mold  or you smell something musty, it’s possible you have growth in your home. There are various types of mold, characterized by a fuzzy, leathery, or cottony texture, and can be white, gray, green, pink or black.

What Are the Dangers of Black Mold?

Black mold in Boston, MA is especially dangerous because of its toxicity to human health, as well as the potential for structural damage. Black mold releases spores as it feeds on organic material. This food can be a range of building materials, including insulation, drywall, or carpet. Damage to drywall and insulation can cause your home to become less insulated, raising heating and cooling costs year round. Your home is susceptible to this type of damage if its exposed to too much moisture and is unable to dry correctly.

Black mold can also be expensive to have removed, so the sooner you identify the problem, the less opportunity that it has spread.

Concerning your health, black mold inhalation traditionally causes respiratory problems, such as coughing and sneezing, as well as eye irritation. Headaches and fatigue can also be symptoms of black mold exposure. As in building damage, more prolonged exposure can cause more severe health problems.

If you suspect your home may have a mold problem, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Consider an air quality assessment from the professionals here at Purely Green Environmental to diagnose your black mold in Boston, MA properly.


Importance of Formaldehyde Testing  

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Air quality testing in Massachusetts from Purely Green EnvironmentalMore and more people and organizations alike are being more conscious of what kinds of chemicals they come into contact with and in what form. Formaldehyde is a chemical commonly found in embalming fluid and cigarettes, but it can be present in other products as well. At Purely Green Environmental, we perform a variety of air quality assessments, including MA formaldehyde testing, to ensure our clients that they are living in a safe and healthy environment.

What Is Formaldehyde?

Formaldehyde at room temperature is a colorless, gaseous substance that is flammable and odorless. It is commonly used as an adhesive in pressed wood and as a bonding agent in some glues. It can also be found in a variety of shampoos, nail polishes, different types of ink, deodorant, and even paper towels. But most people’s exposure to the chemical comes from polymers that are used in materials used to build and furnish homes.

What Are the Effects of Exposure?

Prolonged exposure can cause serious health issues, and that is why MA formaldehyde testing is so essential for your home. It can cause respiratory problems such as coughing and sneezing, as well as nausea and headaches. It can also be a skin and eye irritant and a carcinogen.

Where Is It Found?

Formaldehyde presence is more substantial with the use of new furniture and in newly built homes but will diminish over time. To speed up this process, consider opening your windows for a few minutes, allowing fresh air to circulate your home. You can also minimize your exposure by not allowing people to smoke in your house, use exhaust fans as much as possible, and choose products with low or no formaldehyde levels.If you’ve purchased textiles like curtains, wash them before use. You can also place your furniture in a non-living space, like a patio or garage until it no longer has a chemical smell. 

The professionals here at Purely Green Environmental are dedicated to providing you with highest quality MA formaldehyde testing. Call us at (603) 886-0345 to learn more or to set up an appointment.


Ditch These Habits and Improve Air Quality

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Having a healthy home is of upmost importance. Otherwise, it will not be livable and could cause health issues. Keeping your air quality consistent is ideal, and plenty of people do not realize how much their habits can directly contribute to air quality. So, in addition to getting some air quality testing in Massachusetts, you can ditch these habits to make your home a healthier, happier place.




It’s no secret that smoking cigarettes has adverse effects on personal health, but it can also harm the air as well. Second-hand smoke, staining, and other effects are just a few of the problems smokers cause when smoking inside. Cigarettes do not make breathable, comfortable air.


Inconsistent Cleaning

Pet dander, dirt, debris…all of it can contribute negatively to the air. Once those particles circulate around the home, the air quality dips and makes it hard to breathe. For allergy sufferers especially, inconsistent cleaning spells disaster. Keep a routine going, and your air will feel as fresh as your floor!


Using Toxic Cleaning Products

Yes, keeping up with home cleaning is imperative, and you need the products to get it done. However, some products carry toxins that adversely affect the air we breathe.


Not Keeping Up With Appliances

Every so often, your appliances and other fixtures need some extra TLC to ensure they are in working order. If they are not at their best, they may have leaks that release contaminates into the air. Make sure there are no gaps.



Bear these habits in mind, and your air should stay healthy. When you have doubts and require air quality testing in Massachusetts, we at Purely Green Environmental are happy to help. Give us a call at (603)-886-0345!


A Moldy Home, a Flu-Like Illness and the Deaths of Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack

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On December 9, 2009, actress Brittany Murphy died of a lung infection, which turned out to be Staphylococcus aureus, a very common bacteria that a healthy system should be able to keep in check.

The cause of death was stated by the coroner to have been pneumonia, with secondary factors of anemia and multiple drug intoxication (involving hydrocodone and other drugs prescribed to treat her respiratory infection).

Five months later, the late actress’s husband, Simon Monjack, died while still living in the same house. His death was stated by the coroner to have been a result of the same thing – pneumonia and severe anemia.

Brittany Murphy had starred in many motion pictures, including “Clueless,” “Girl, Interrupted” and “8 Mile.” She was 32 at the time of her death.

At first, the idea that toxic mold was involved in the deaths appeared to be dismissed by all concerned. The coroner stated that the involvement of bacteria was thought of and ruled out – whether that was through mold testing or other means is unknown. Brittany Murphy’s mother, Sharon Murphy, called the idea “absurd.”

A few years later, after consulting with professionals while working on selling the house, Sharon Murphy stated that she had changed her mind and that she had come to believe that toxic mold may have been a factor in the deaths.

Brittany Murphy purchased the home in 2003 from singer Britney Spears. It was at the bottom of a steep hill in Hollywood Hills.

Murphy had frequently stated that she disliked the house and wished she didn’t have to spend time in it, and Monjack had investigated whether mold might have been a problem in the home before Murphy’s death.

Monjack had suffered from frequent seizures, asthma, and sleep apnea while living in the home, and Sharon Murphy acquired breast cancer and debilitating neuropathy while living there.

Brittany Murphy had been taking migraine medication, Klonopin (a benzodiazepine) and Prozac (an antidepressant), in addition to the medication for the respiratory infection, while living there.

In August 2014, the UK television program Autopsy ran an hour-long program looking at Brittany Murphy’s death, called “Autopsy: The Final Hours of Brittany Murphy.” The program features assessments about celebrity deaths by Dr. Richard Shepherd, a forensic pathologist.

A streaming version of the program (Season 2, Episode 3 of the “Autopsy” series) is currently available for purchase through Amazon in the UK.

An article in The Daily Mail summarized the program content.


In the documentary, Simon Monjack’s mother, Linda Monjack, stated about the home:

When I walked through the door, there was no air ventilation whatsoever. The windows were breaking down from the mold. The home was a place of unhealthiness. It didn’t feel right. The actual bedroom itself where they both spent so much time – the actual windows were taped up, so there was no air ventilation whatsoever. The mold that was growing up by the windows was quite horrific, and it just felt very oppressive, as if this was a place of unhealthiness.


Dr. Shepherd stated:

The autopsy report shows that they didn’t find any fungi, either in her bloodstream or the sections of a lung that they examined under the microscope. So mold and fungi haven’t played a direct role in the death of Brittany. But living in dangerous housing conditions like that, it’s likely to have had a debilitating effect and contributed to her infection and death. She apparently was living in appalling conditions.


In June 2016, Sharon Murphy put the home on the real estate market for $18.4 million. It was stated as having been wholly renovated from the “ground up” and looked very different from the outside from the previous residence.


The home of Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack prior to the renovation.


Brittany Murphy in the movie ‘Clueless.’



Mold testing from a service like Purely Green Environmental helps prevent cases like these. Call us at (888)-291-3773 and see what mold testing or other services can help improve your home’s air quality.


**All words and information courtesy of Dr. Lisa Petrison, Ph.D. and Paradigm Change.**

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Top 5 Threats to the Air Quality in Your Office

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Air quality testing in Massachusetts from Purely GreenOh the office! On average, office workers spend about 55% of their life behind their desk. Therefore, the office comes in close second to the home for how much time is spent there. As a second home, the environment in which one works should be clean and healthy, which includes the air you breathe. Air quality testing in Massachusetts is by far one of the most beneficial services for the office because of these top five threats to the air quality in your office.


#5 Air Fresheners

Although many office spaces are not constructed to allow in a constant flow of fresh outdoor air, covering up the smell of stale office air with air fresheners is not the solution. Air fresheners contain toxic chemicals that could pose a serious risk to your health. There is no governmental regulation over the ingredients used in air fresheners or in their labeling. Adequate ventilation is the best way to keep office air healthy and fresh.


#4 Location of the Ventilation Intake

Most office buildings have a ventilation system setup that circulates air from the outdoors into the building. If the location of the airflow intake is located in a poorly chosen location, you could be breathing in exhaust fumes and other dangerous chemicals. Fumes from cars and buses in a busy location could be directed inside of your office if the air intake is in the wrong location.


#3 Office Building Neighbors

Indoor air pollution is more prevalent in shared office spaces. Many offices are part of mixed commercial use buildings that share ventilation systems. If you share occupancy in a building with certain occupants you may be exposed to a higher amount of toxic chemicals. Have your office air checked if you share building space with a dry cleaner, nail or hair salon, print shop, or any other type of business that uses dangerous chemicals in their daily operation.


#2 Copier Machines and Printers                                                                        

NOAA warns that office copiers and printers pose hazards to employees by leaking toxic chemicals and emitting toxic fumes. To protect workers, make sure that there is adequate ventilation in rooms containing printers and copiers. Copy machines and printers should be routinely serviced by a professional. Workers should always exercise caution when changing out toner and ink cartridges and avoid any exposure to their skin. Any toner or ink cartridge spills should be cleaned immediately and the area will need to be aired out.


#1 Cleaning Products

Most commercially available cleaning products contain unsafe chemical ingredients that can be hazardous to the air quality of your office. The threat to indoor office air is even higher when industrial strength cleaners are being used. Cleaning products can trigger asthma and allergy symptoms. They can also cause severe respiratory distress. Exposure to high levels of the chemicals found in cleaning supplies has been linked to cancer and birth defects.


For more information on air quality testing in Massachusetts, contact Purely Green Environmental, LLC at 888-291-3373 today!

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Mold In The Workplace

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Asian foreman in textile factoryFor most, the workplace is clean and healthy, as it should! However, mold can grow virtually anywhere and generally is not a problem. However, issues arise when mold grows indoors.
An OSHA Safety and Health Information Bulletin states that being exposed to mold can result in health problems and can cause significant damage to a workplace. As a significant location in your life, the workplace would highly benefit from mold testing in Manchester NH from Purely Green Environmental. Here are a few things you should know how mold in the workplace.

Health effects
Scientific research on the health effects of mold exposure is ongoing, but some facts are known. Mold exposure may cause allergic reactions; skin or mucosal infections; asthma attacks; and skin, eyes, nose and throat irritation, according to OSHA.

Structural issues
“If left unchecked, mold can eventually cause structural damage to a wood-framed building, weakening floors and walls as it feeds on moist wooden structural members,” OSHA states. “If you suspect that mold has damaged building integrity, consult a structural engineer or other professional with the appropriate expertise.”

To help prevent mold growth in buildings, be on the lookout for water damage, leaks or excessive moisture, and be sure to clean up all spills immediately.


If you suspect mold in your workplace, ask yourself these questions:
? Is there visible water damage anywhere?
? Are there building materials around that have been wet for more than two days?
? Does the building have pre-existing moisture issues?
? Are workers complaining of musty or moldy smells?
? Is anyone reporting health problems that could be associated with mold?

OSHA recommends a number of tips to help prevent mold in your workplace, including:

? Repair any plumbing problems immediately.
? Keep your building’s humidity level below 70 percent.
? Regularly inspect your building’s HVAC system.
? Ensure adequate drainage is around your building.
? Keep vents for moisture-creating appliances on the outside of the building.

Need more information on mold testing in Manchester NH? We have you covered! Contact Purely Green Environmental, LLC at 888-291-3773 today.

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