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How The NH Standard of Care Impacts Mold Testing in NH


mold testing in NHIn 2012, a group of New Hampshire public health officials, medical professionals, indoor air quality consultants, and other concerned individuals came together to establish standards that provide a safe and healthy environment for the public. The NH Standard of Care was born out of a necessity to regulate mold and make mold testing in NH even more useful.

The development came from their concern over lack of mold and indoor quality regulation in New Hampshire inhabitants’ homes. As they convened, they drew up the Standard of Care and assembled the “Mold Task Force” with the primary goal of providing comprehensive information about mold. The information they wanted for the public included pertinent info about mold causes, health effects, preventative measures, and the mold industry at large.

Thanks to their tireless effort, mold testing in NH has become more advanced. Now, professionals need certification before they open a practice facility. The Task Force also implemented the necessity of third party testing through their Code of Ethics. This measure ensures that any test results from services are unbiased, factual, and hold the mold testing professional accountable.

Regulation of the mold testing industry was a significant goal while creating the NH Standard of Care, but protecting individuals in New Hampshire has also become a prevalent issue. The Task Force has declared that exposure to indoor health indeed leads to poor health especially in the very young, elderly and immune-compromised populations of New Hampshire. As a result, education has become a goal. It seeks to provide answers to the following questions. What causes mold? How can you prevent it? Who should you hire? These were all concerns that the Standard of Care addressed.

Mold is a serious problem that many people experience but do not fully understand. However there are plenty of answers in the NH Standard of Care. It has changed the future of mold testing in NH as we know it and given the mold industry the prominence necessary to enact substantial change. For more information about mold testing in NH, call Purely Green Environmental at (888)-291-3773.