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Three Ways To Make Humidifiers Effective For Your Home


air purifiers Many people buy humidifiers to make their homes warmer and moisturized during the colder months. They believe it is entirely safe and effective and work as well as air purifiers. However, they are not as effective as one may think. When left unattended, humidifiers are a breeding ground for mold and other bacteria that can cause significant health issues. Still, it’s not all bad news: you can make your humidifier work well. All it takes is a bit of extra work.



1.) Try to stay away from portable humidifiers

Portability may be convenient, but having a humidifier built into your HVAC system is slightly more efficient and healthy for your home. Make sure that if you want a portable humidifier for symptom relief, you speak at length with a mold expert so your health does not get affected.


2.) Maintenance

Like anything else, consistent upkeep can make all of the difference in functionality and effectiveness. Take the time to observe your humidifier and see if there is mold or yeast growth in the vents, air blades, or depository tanks. Clean your humidifier daily with disinfectants like EnzyMagic201 or vinegar and water, and you’ll decrease the risk of harmful bacteria circling your home. Distilled water also helps: it doesn’t stop mold from growing, but reduces the white film minerals leave after they deposit.


3.) Independent third-party testing

If you have any doubts about the condition of your humidifier(s), you can always call an expert like Purely Green Environmental. We’ll step in as an independent third-party tester to observe the status of your humidifier, then suggest a remedy. Whether it’s new air purifiers or continued maintenance, we’ll be able to tell you if a humidifier is ultimately safe for you and your family.



While humidifiers aren’t nearly as efficient as certified air purifiers, there are ways you can make them safer and more efficient for your home. For quality air testing, mold inspections, and more, look to Purely Green Environmental. Give us a call at (888)-291-3773.